Thursday, November 9, 2023
9:05 AM - 9:55 AM
Empower the Future - Digital Twin for Battery Lifecycle

Automotive and Industrial OEMs and their suppliers are looking at new ways to pack more battery cells in a given volume without sacrificing safety and reliability. They all need to account for new material chemistries, production technologies and system level implications like i.e., fast charging and to balance often conflicting requirements. In contrast to today’s engineering development flow, there is growing need for the various engineering teams to better collaborate to push product and production innovation to new levels and to bring desired battery cells, battery packs and battery-electric systems successfully to market.

A comprehensive digital twin that allows companies, regardless of size, to efficiently account i.e. for chemical , electrical, thermal, and manufacturing considerations is critical to channeling various innovations, accelerating Product Development. Smart Manufacturing also benefits from this by producing high quality batteries on a large scale while meeting throughput, cost, sustainability and supply chain targets.

In this keynote, we will describe Siemens comprehensive, modular, and easily adaptable digital twin for product and production. The presentation will include specific customer successes to showcase how a holistic digital twin addresses key engineering and manufacturing challenges along the complete battery lifecycle by integrating the digital and real world.

Andreas Schäfer
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